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      What factors affect the price of an ice maker?

      Author:Dongguan Geally Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd Date:2022-08-30 Reading:

      At present, the price of domestic ice machines on the market is quite different, and the technical content of ice machines is higher than that of refrigerators, freezers and other refrigeration equipment. As lay consumers or business friends, it is difficult to really define the pros and cons just based on the price, so the editor will introduce to you the content of the factors that affect the price of the ice machine from several aspects, welcome to read !

      What factors affect the price of an ice maker?

      1: Look at the appearance

      A high-quality ice machine, first of all, it is very elegant in terms of material and workmanship. It will use standard stainless steel and undergo anti-corrosion treatment, which is corrosion-resistant, easy to clean and has a long service life. If there are stains and water stains on the surface, wipe it with a rag in time, and it will become smooth and clean immediately. The plastic parts are made of integral injection molding, because only in this way, will it be beautiful, durable, strong, and not easily deformed. From the perspective of the external production process, the stainless steel edge used for connection is smooth and will not scratch the fingers; the connection gap is uniform and beautiful. The bottom plate is thick and not dented.

      For cheap ice machines, most of the materials used are non-standard or even cheap thin plates; the plate processing materials are rough in technology, have poor corrosion resistance, and are easy to deform; in order to reduce production costs, the plastic parts are partly injection-molded with miscellaneous materials recovered from waste stations. , not only is not visually beautiful, but also has poor quality, easy to break, short service life, and more importantly, lack of hygiene protection; coupled with the lack of perfect management processes and systems in the production process, the gap between the sheet materials in the production process is large and not neat. Uniform and rough; users are easy to scratch their fingers when moving or using, which also greatly affects the appearance of the whole machine. The bottom plate is thin, and after about half a year of use, the entire bottom plate will sag because it cannot support the weight of the internal components.

      Two: Look at the interior space design of the machine

      One: After opening the shell of the ice maker, the same refrigeration system, not to mention what brand of compressor, condenser, desiccant, evaporator, intelligent electronic board, etc., are used by each manufacturer... In terms of internal design, The high-quality ice machine has a strict internal design, and the lines are arranged in an orderly manner. The parts that are prone to moisture or wading (especially the electronic control system) will undergo special waterproof treatment. When the temperature is high, the ice-making speed is still not affected, and the normal operation of the machine and the safety of users are absolutely guaranteed. Ordinary or inferior ice machines generally have small rear space, disorganized circuit arrangement, poor heat dissipation, poor waterproofing or no waterproofing treatment at all; after several months or half a year of operation, the ice-making speed is obvious in high temperature weather. Reduced, some even shut down and damaged, bringing unnecessary troubles and economic losses to users.

      Second: The high-quality ice maker fully considers the rear cooling space of its internal components; the precise and reasonable design makes the ice making speed faster and achieves the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection. In order to facilitate later maintenance and repair, most of them will adopt the pendant-type assembly mode. Only 2 external screws are used, and 4 more screws are used. The disassembly and maintenance are quick and time-saving. There is no need to move the machine, and the cleaning and maintenance can be completed in 15 minutes. For cheap and low-quality ice machines, when repairing or maintaining the ice machine, it is necessary to lift the entire ice machine and move all surrounding equipment, which is time-consuming and laborious to disassemble, which greatly affects the normal operation of users.

      Three: Look at the main configuration

      Since the ice maker does not stop making ice for 24 hours once it is turned on, users hope that its service life will be longer. In this way, the performance requirements of the main configuration such as compressor, water pumping motor, evaporator, condenser, etc., for the operation of the ice machine become very high. It is reluctant to say that some domestic accessories can not fully support and meet the long-term operation technology of ice machines, so high-quality ice machines ensure low noise, high power, energy saving, environmental protection and longer service life.

      Another example is the evaporator. The high-quality ice maker uses thickened copper plate, which is nickel-plated for a second time. The ice-making speed is fast, and it reaches the national edible standard. It not only allows users to have no worries, but also ensures the health and safety of catering consumers. (For the specific identification method, see the configuration table of each manufacturer, and also pay attention to whether the actual configuration is consistent with the configuration on the promotional materials). Inexpensive or inferior ice machines, needless to say: loud noise, high energy consumption, slow de-icing and difficult to maintain hygiene, and short service life.

      Fourth: Look at the technical content

      The technical content determines the price of the ice maker. A good ice machine, the technical content runs through all aspects of the whole machine and every little detail of the manufacturing process. If the average consumer carefully distinguishes, they will find the difference between the pros and cons. A high-quality ice maker, taking into account the hygiene and safety of ice cube eaters, will design the "auto-cleaning for the first time" function. Before making ice, the machine will automatically do a thorough cleaning of the entire system, and then officially start ice making. Every time the user turns the machine off and on, the ice maker will automatically clean again. The ice cubes produced in this way not only taste at ease, but also look crystal clear, making people feel physically and mentally happy. Then there is the special technology in energy saving and environmental protection: the machine detected by the 40-degree permanent high temperature testing room, even if it operates for a long time in hot summer, the ice maker is not prone to failure, and the ice making speed will not be prolonged.

      In terms of environmental protection, a high-quality ice maker combines the factors of natural temperature and considers the natural heat dissipation condition when the indoor temperature is 23 degrees Celsius. If the fan is still running at this time, it will cause a waste of electricity. Therefore, a "temperature control heat dissipation function" is designed. When the indoor temperature is below 23 degrees, the fan will automatically stop rotating to save resources. These technical ordinary or inferior ice machines cannot do it. Only one or two are listed here to help users and friends identify the technical content of the ice machine. In fact, in the real production process, a high-quality ice machine requires more than the above technologies.

      The above is about the factors that affect the price of ice machines. Thank you for your patience in reading! If you want to know more about the price of ice machine, you can consult our online customer service, we will provide you with high-quality service.

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